Problem with the pipe tool & boolean when joining curves?

Hello Im new to Rhino (and designing in general), I’m wondering if this could be a bug or if anybody else is having this problem that I keep running into.

I have a curve that when i use the pipe tool on looks good.
Then when I take that same curve and join it with other other curves the pipe tool doesn’t seem to work on that same section that it previously worked? So then I tried to take the pipe as a poly and boolean union with the other section of pipe. and the boolean function wont work.

Please post your curves so that someone can take a closer look.

Here are some images I’ll upload the file shortly.

As you can see from the photos the curve works fine alone but when added to the rest of the model the pipe tool malfunctions. stand.3dm (43.4 KB)

Hi Mark- one thing is,not all of the curve segments are tangent where it looks like they are intended to be - I’d check that first -the arcs joining the squiggly bits to the straights should be tangent to the curves on either end. However there is a problem in Pipe that shows up on very convoluted curves where the direction flips back and forth - this looks especially bad in your example for some reason - I’ll poke at it some more, but you may need to do this in sections and join the pipes together.

stand_PG.3dm (262.9 KB)

This was done in pieces - the squiggly curves were cleaned up to be tangent and surfaced using Sweep1, with Roadlike Front as the style. The other bits were OK with Pipe.

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Thanks Pascal,
I actually didn’t see that you fixed up the model for me and I went back and fixed all the curves to be tangent and am still experiencing the same problems. Its almost as if the pipe tool disconnects the curve? Please forgive my ignorance as I am very new to designing and I am not sure what Sweep1, or Roadlike fonts are :flushed: Ill have to dig in and learn about those. One thing I have been running into that I thought may have something to do with it, when Im trying to make the pipe .125" and I go into settings and adjust the tolerances to .001 it still rounds it to .13". just thought I’d throw that out there.

Hi Mark - there were two problems that I saw - one is Pipe flipping the direction of the pipe inside out on the squiggly curve and Sweep1, Roadlike, seems to do this bit OK. The other problem is the pipe breaking up and overshooting at non-tangent locations- that should not happen if the curves are truly tangent - though possibly if the pipe radius is too large compared to the input curves things might be ugly- can you post your attempt?


Ok so building it in sections joining them and then using the pipe tool had the same outcome. However if you build the whole curve, remove sections before and after the squiggly, use the pipe tool, hide the polysurface, add sections of curve back into where you removed them, then use the pipe tool on them, then boolean union all the polysurfaces it seems to work out! Also good looking out on the tangents I fixed those while I was at it.stand poly.3dm (530.8 KB)