Bug: UV Editor not showing in Rhino 7 (RH6 works fine)


Unfortunately, In Rhino 7, UV Editor is not showing up when I try to check the UV layout for this fbx object.
Note, that in Rhino 6 it shows up…

przez rhino.fbx (10.5 MB)

Can anyone repeat that?


Hi Jakub - I do see that, thanks for the report… I’ll investigate.
It looks like there may be a problem with disjoint meshes - I’m still poking at it.
RH-62127 UVEditor fails

Rhino 7.2.20343

Something about Display and UV Editor is very bugged and it is a horrible experience to work with it. Its behavior is very unpredictable so I can’t even teach myself how to jump through hoops (which I do not want to do in the first place).

UV Editor behavior changed even when I tried to prepare a minimal version of the file to show another bug!

Different examples, this time with polysurfaces.

In the videos, you can see two objects which are the same but are differently unwrapped.

  1. First, original file, where I encountered the bug:

In Shaded mode:

Left object: is not being covered with the texture in “Use texture” mode.
Right object: in “Use material” mode is extremaly overexposed (it looks almost like white) but in “Use texture” it is showing texture correctly.

In Rendered mode

Left object: Some strange shading occurs on the object when in UV Editor
Right object: The same as in Shaded

Video 1:

Note that the texture quality, used mip map, of that preview is also disastrous.
It should look like this. Original is only 256x256 px.
Woods & Plastics.Finish Carpentry.Wood.Pine

  1. File where I exported only these two problematic object, to attach it as a bug report.

uv editor.3dm (1.2 MB)

In both Shaded and Rendered modes:

Left and Righ objects only appear as a wireframe showing no mapping at all…

Video 2:

Heh, look what I found, my render meshes.

Video bonus!:

UV Editor is a very old functionality, not some half baked, new feature released for public testing. If someone could fix that, so I can work again, that would be great!