[Rh7 WIP UV editr BUG] UV Editor UV mapping does not show up on this particular mesh

I was working on a J3 CUB tail wheel

Give this particular mesh
when you press UV editor
notice that the UV mapping does not show up

UVeditor_NotWorking2.3dm (37.9 KB)

The mesh was created out from a Rhino polysurface using Mesh2
Rhino 7 Work In Progress (7.0.20119.13305, 4/28/2020)


Can you comment on this please?

@John_Brock is it possible to give more resources to bug fixing?
My bug reports goers to only 3 persons ( Jussi Aaltonen, David Eränen). I wish they have more resources under them.
(So that we can actually use Rhino4 UVeditro feauter.)
Because I have reported exactly the same issue with same steps 10 month ago and nobody is working on that bug: Customer Impact: Major, Critical. I set the priority to normal because there are other more Major, Critical. But I’m elevating this to Major (Sometimes)

And my workaround to fix this was purchasing RizomUV and making the unwrap there.
Thx for lessening

I see the item is “Open” meaning the developer has looked into it and it’s on his development list. It is classified as “Major” meaning it will take considerable development work.
It is listed for the “7.x” development cycle meaning it will not be in the initial V7 release but the developer expects to have it done in the V7 release cycle, but that could change.

The item is visible to other developers and to you personally so you know all this.

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