BUG: UV Editor - Differences between display modes


When using UV Editor there are differences in mapping between display modes which are making things confusing.
Also, I made for myself a separate display mode especially for texture mapping, but when I’m using it, the texture inside UV Editor is not showing.

For SubD - Custom “mapping” display mode is not showing texture and Rendered mode is showing wrong mapping.
So there are several wrong paths one can take just to display stuff correctly.

uv editor.3dm (3.9 MB)

Custom “mapping” display mode setup with custom material for all objects

wanna blender.fbx (65.3 KB)

I was trying some Blender unwrapping and noticed that after I import fbx file into the scene it temporarily changes the mapping of the existing SubD Rhino object. Toggling between Rendered/Shaded mode brings correct mapping back.

(Fun fact: that inversed shadow is when you have light source below the ground plane)

Another example, some weird stripes in rendered mode made me think I messed something up with unwrapping:

texture preview differences.3dm (1.6 MB)


Rendered with UV Editor:


Thanks, I see that -

RH-62204 UVEditor: SubD mapping is ugly inside the command