UV Editor doesn't show an object's texture in rendered view

Rhino for Windows 6.12.19

UV Editor doesn’t show an object’s texture in rendered view which makes it very difficult to match mapping between two objects, especially unwrapped ones.

Seems to work fine in 7.0.19030.1565, 30.1.2019


Perhaps paste the results of the Rhino command _SystemInfo

My bad, by mistake I put it in the wrong category. Sorry, it needs to be moved to Rendering because it doesn’t work in Rhino 6.12. But I also checked in current WIP and as you said - it works properly there.

Well, ok. I diagnosed the problem by myself. It doesn’t show when in Rendered mode as a lighting method is No lighting, ambient color is set to black, and Use advanced GPU lighting is ticked. However, it is an inconsistency because those settings don’t turn everything black when we left UV Editor.


I see that happening as well, logged as RH-50599. Thank you for reporting.