Bug: Toggle Named CPlane Panel stops mouse pointer (cursor) to refresh properly

Version 5 SR5 (5.5.30717.16015, 17.7.2013)
Windows XP Pro 32 SR3
When i click Named CPlane command which runs this

_-NamedCPlane _Visible _Visible=_Toggle _Enter _Enter

…my mouse cursor stops to refresh properly - it shows the same symbol until next function (or hover) is used* and makes it change. Only fix I am aware of now is to restart Rhino.

* When I use RMB to move the viewport the hand appears and remains “hand” after RMB is released, until I use different tool i.e. Cancel → then it switches to Arrow, etc.

In the Set View tab, Camera icon with tooltip: Toggle named views panel, the Command macro I have is a little different:
_-NamedView _TabVisibility _TabVisible=_Toggle _Enter _Enter

I’m not seeing the cursor problems you described. I tested it in 32-bit WinXP SR3

I suspect you might be running an old menu RUI file from a much earlier build, maybe even a beta.
There;'s no good way currently to get an updated menu RUI file unless you uninstall Rhino, download the big 1gb installer, then run ToolbarReset. This will destroy your menu customizations.

I guess before going to that effort, I’d try replacing the macro with mine and see if that works better for you.

John Brock - Rhinoceros Tech Support
Seattle - USA

Thanks for stopping by John,
even for me it seems impossible to replicate the issue now, which is weird because it has happened several times in a row (that actually made me post it here).
I’ll try to change the macro and see if the issue will ever appear again. In such case I will get back here to add some update.
Thanks again,