Funny Cursor

Recently [rh5sr9] my cursor has become a double-ended arrow, sometimes vertical, others horizontal. It’s rare to get the old-fashioned arrow [with a clear tip]. I wonder what I’ve done to cause this and how to reverse it.


OK, I found it. I had [inadvertently] chosen Universal construction planes, not standard constructions planes. Going back to Standard brought back the proper cursor.

I’ve not yet understood the Universal cplanes.


Well, that was wrong! It’s still the double arrow sometimes.

Any suggests?

Hi Chris- any video driver updates lately? What card do you have?


I know there’s a way to find out what video card I have, but don’t know how.

It turns out that a restart of rhino ‘fixed’ it. Dunno what ‘caused’ it.


Normally a right click on the desktop will bring up a viedo card “control center” which will have specs for your card. Otherwise, Control Panel>Device Manager>Display Adapters will tell you. --Mitch

Thanks, Mitch. Apparently it’s an ATI Fire Pro.

Works fine. Came inside the Dell desktop thing.


The funny cursor is back. I don’t know what causes it. The fix [last time] was close rh5 and reopen. I’m trying that now.


Standard vs Universal contruction planes.
In Universal CP mode, when you change the CP in your perspective view, the three (top /front/right) view align so the ARE t/f/r according to the adjusted CP, in Standard they do not change.
This is something I always set to Universal as the first thing af installation, it makes more sense than having different CP in each view.