Bug: Named CPlane icon

This is repeatable here.

Save a named Cplane with the dialog floating.
! _-NamedCPlane _Visible _Visible _Toggle _Enter _Enter
The highlighted named Cplane icon shows as expected.

Close the dialog and it disappears as expected.

Turn on the Cplane grid
_NoEcho _-DocumentProperties _Grid _ShowGrid=_Yes !

The named Cplane icon re-appears and remains displayed until the next Cplane change.

Brian, so you see the Cplane icon, the named one, even if the NamedCPlane panel is completely closed, correct? I do not see that here so far.


Yes, that’s correct. It only happens when the NamedCplane panel is floating - not a problem when docked, and when the grid is turned on directly after the dialog is closed.