Named View panel cursor issue

After clicking a Named View in the Named Views list, the name goes blue. When clicking into empty space in the list, the Named View still has a frame around it.

A click into the viewport is required to be able to type something in the command line.

This was not the case in Rhino 5, where you could select Named Views and type a command at all times.

Hello - I see that, and I do not know if that is by design or not - I know there have been some discussions and complaints over the years about what should get focus. I’ll see what I can find out.


Thanks Pascal, a similar issue is when you select objects by user value. The cursor does not go back to the command line automatically and a click into the viewport is required. Personally I find this really annoying and I see no benefit. If the extra click needed actually has a benefit, someone please explain.

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