Mouse wheel switches viewports

Good morning Rhino universe,

When you roll the mouse wheel you either zoom in or out, or – find yourself switching viewports–

which is really annoying. This may be a Windows thing (I have Windows 7) and not a Rhino thing, but is there any way to stop the wheel from switching viewports?

I am working in Top view and I roll the wheel and all of a sudden find myself in Front view…

Thank you.


I think perhaps you have a defective mouse with a hair-trigger on pressing the wheel.
Do you have another mouse you can try?
Also, in Options - Mouse, what are your current settings?

Hi John,

Good to hear from you. It sounds like this is not normal behavior.

I’ve attached a screen grab of my Mouse panel with my settings.
Do you see anything I should change?

Everything looks good there.
I would try a different mouse next.


It only happens if my cursor is positioned over the tabs (the viewport tabs). Does this make any sense?

That’s how it’s supposed to work. If you are positioned over the tabs the scroll wheel changes views. If you are positioned over the modeling area it should zoom.

Okay: ) thank you. I was hoping that there might be a way to stop it,… because if you accidentally are hovering over the tabs, then – oops you go flying in to another viewport: (

I’ll live with it: )

Dan is right. I read your message as being IN the Top viewport, not with your pointer somewhere else.
There are lots of behavioral differences like that. For example, short or long right-mouse click in a viewport or a right-mouse click when your pointer is in the Command prompt area. Also over the panel tabs, toolbar, icon, viewport tabs, etc.

So what do you think, John: maybe a good idea for one of your illustration people to devise a 4-page map (one for each mouse button, one for the wheel click, one for the wheel roll) showing what happens in each viewport zone? Or maybe each zone of the whole Rhino screen?

Or is there already something like that?

I know, I know, there is already something like that and it’s called Rhino. A static reference couldn’t hurt in addition.

It’s never come up before that I know of.
Generally speaking, if you’re in a tabbed control then the scroll wheel rolls through them.
If you’re in the general field it either zooms in and out or scrolls the page.
We didn’t really make up any new behavior here. They are fairly typical Windows behaviors. Each application gets to implement these navigation features the way they want but everyone tries to follow standard conventions and do things that make logical sense.