Cursor confusion

Hi, after a stint of playing with Cplane I return to my normal rhino functions, I now have the rotational cursor from the perspective view window lingering into other windows, I now how a double ended arrow cursor that will flip from horizontal to vert when-ever, I now have an arrow cursor without a shaft. I can get back to the usual short shaft arrow by clicking on an an object, sometimes. What the hell is going on and why. This a new intall and as far as I am concerned the gumball acts strangely too. Its the cursor I m worried about now, its hard to select an object with the rotational perspective in the way.

thanks rjk

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Hi rjk - if you close and reopen Rhino, does it sort it out? Does it come back? How- what command or action brings it on?


I think you’re seeing the Windows Mouse Autoscroll feature. It normally comes up if you press and hold the middle mouse button.
It was more of a problem (for me anyway) in Windows 7
I doesn’t seem to get in the way in Windows 10 for me anyway

Good, the open close thing did work. Odd problem and solution but good to home. This station never gets shut off and I rarely close files until I am done so in the future… By the way windows 10 here.

Thanks rjk

Hello Pascal. This glitch is triggered by executing the “Select saved Cplane” command from the “Cplanes” tool tab. is there a way to resolve this without closing and reopening Rhino?
Rhino Ver 5 SR14 64-bit
Windows 7 Enterprise

Hello - I can repeat this now - thanks.


That is my email, but it not me that posed the question…r.