Bug(s) - Glass × (Depth of Field + Shadows) + Color || Rhino 8 Rhino 7

Here’s a base scene R8 started to test point 4 below, found others (files at the end).

Scene: Object in foreground, Frame, Objects in background, the frame is empty.

with added post effect Depth of field,

  1. strange artefacts in frame.

with transparent glass in frame:

  1. Darker/Shaded Color through glass
  2. Absent Shadows seen through glass.

With post effects Depth of Field added:

  1. Absent depth of field through glass.

Also tested Rhino 7 same file saved as R7:
No glass, no depth of field

  1. same material, colors substantially different
  2. small (almost unnoticeable) artifact in background object around the level of the horizontal frame.

No glass plus Depth of Field

  1. Strange now noticeable artifact around the level of horizontal frame seems to split the depth of field (split horizontally)

Glass with no Depth of Field

  1. same as 6 (above).

Glass with Depth of Field

  1. same as 7 above strange artifact splits depth of field horizontally
  2. No depth of field through glass

240603 Trnsp w ShadDoF_R7.3dm (754.7 KB)
240603 Trnsp w ShadDoF_R8.3dm (755.5 KB)


  1. The darkness is due to a combination of a) use of logarithmic tone mapping with the settings you chose b) skylight on, but set to 0.0
  2. That is an unfortunate side-effect of the current implementation when using shadows-only ground plane. If you need the shadow use a material on the ground-plane. We’ll have to ask @DavidEranen if this is a bug in the new implementation of shadows-only functionality or not

I would not use the depth of field post effect, but instead use the focal blur. That gives much better and more consistent dept of field in Raytraced / Rhino Render.

Hello Nathan,
So I wrote the whole post at the bottom of this message, but have not published it, because I got really confused.
After writing it, I was going to ask a question about why is the skylight turned to -1 since I did not remember doing that. And I went to check if it was ‘skylight’ or ‘sky light’ and I saw that it was back to -1. Then I checked the post effects and they were turned on again. and then to my surprise the viewport looked as expected.
So I turned the Ground plane to ‘shadows only’ again, and then went to display ghosted and back to raytraced. and it got to the point where I started the post below.
After that turning the groundplane to material, results in the conclusion of the post at the bottom, so you need to go to ghosted and back to raytraced to get.

Can you replicate? It is pretty maddening and it cannot be expected or a ‘unfortunate side-effect’… here is a video…


There is some confusion in environment updates. As you noted your skylight was set to -1.00. Additionally it looks like the reflection environment is being used as well. This is what makes the objects and environment behind glass look darker - although it is only the reflection that is darkened.

For environment toggling I logged RH-82365 Environment usage inconcistent

For skylight issue I logged RH-82366 Skylight intensity turns to -1.00

For the shadows-only groundplane missing shadow I logged RH-82367 Shadows on shadows-only gp not visible through glass material

That may be so, but after going to ghosted and back to raytraced it seems ok. This leads me to believe that it is a problem with the refreshing of the raytraced viewport.

Yes, that is RH-82365.

The Skylight intensity being at -1.0 is due to the usage of physical sky texture. A solution is in the works by @maxsoder