Glass object cast no shadows

Hi All, I was just wondering if it’s normal that glass objects cast no shadows in raytraced/cycles renders. There seems to be only some caustics/white shadows on the surface.
The glasses in the image have the standard Rhino glass material.
Many thanks!

For glass to get shadows you need to not use full white for the glass color. Set the value to 95 or so and you’ll get colored shadows.

With the current implementation of our shaders this is how it works.

For a future Rhino version we hope to be able to give full access to the shader graph with the ability to completely edit it making materials completely the way you need it.

Right now our shaders have to try support as many use cases, meaning sometimes not optimal results in some cases.

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Thank you Nathan. It would be marvellous to get extensive shader controls within Rhino. Looking forward to it.
Best wishes!

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