Ok guys.. i am getting really upset

As I am teaching 25 - 40 students per year to use Rhino, I am quite happy that the UI s on both systems get more and more similar.
As you asked - thinks I still don t like:

  • (1) a fast way to close a tab/container
    Rhino 8 UI, WISH - double click on Tab = Close - #2 by John_Brock
  • (2) while a dialog is open, all commands should allow interaction with the viewport and layerpanel. compare _blendCrv (change layer and maximize viewport is possible) and _loft for example (both are not possible)
  • (3) after some dialogs are closed, additional click in the viewport is needed. example is _setPt
    (ui-bug) Focus needs extra click - #10 by Gijs
  • commandline-input Alignment / click Behaviour - see this new topic:
    (Bugs) Rhino-window disappears, Commandline - Alignment
  • I hate some of the focus-Behaviour - i would love to have the focus back on the viewport / commandline after I enter a value in some property - fields. (and press enter)
  • and yes / and sorry I also somehow gave up in documenting and posting all the stuff that occurs in the new UI on mac… but I will post 2 more… see above

thanks for all those small adjustments that will sum up for a nicer UI experience.