BUG: Rhino 6 Export to FBX Version 7 binary, bad file

Hello McNeel team!

I’m having an error when i try to open a FBX file that was created from Rhino 6 using the Version 7 binary option.

I’ve tried exporting to FBX in other Versions as well. Here are my findings

Export to FBX from Rhino 6
7 binary

  • Opens in Rhino 6 and 3D’s Max 2017
  • Fail to open in Rhino 5 nor 3D’s Max 2012 (no error messages)

7 ascii, 6 binary and 6 ascii

  • Opens in Rhino 5/6 and 3D’s Max 2012/2017

Export to FBX from Rhino 5
All Versions

  • Opens in Rhino 5/6 and 3D’s Max 2012/2017

I want to export in v7b to take advantage of the reduced file size.

Best Regards!

Hi Daniel - thanks for the report., I see the Rhino part of this at least.



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Thank you Pascal!
Let me know if you need more info/tests

In Case someone has the same Issue:

Tim Hemmelman 06 Jun 2018 11:50

This has to do with AutoDesk’s FBX SDK and there’s no work around. V6 uses a newer SDK than V5 and must produce V7 binary files that the older SDK cannot read. This was first discovered here. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-37012

Related Changes

Resolved Date

None→19 hours ago (06 Jun 2018 11:51)


Submitted→Won’t fix

@pascal Out of interest, are there any reported bugs with FBX files exported from Rhino, not opening in Blender?


Hi JD - from what I can tell in these pictures, this looks more like a Blender bug or limitation?
Does the v7 binary format that you export from Rhino import correctly back into Rhino?

@nathanletwory, any ideas?

Let me see, last time I tested/fixed import and export of FBX it worked ok in Blender 2.79 and Blender 2.8

But let me test a bit

Hi Nathan,

Sorry - I’m on 2.78. I did a test with 4 cubes and it definitely didn’t work with anything coming out of Rhino. If it just needs that new Service Release then I’ll try and get that installed ASAP.

Sorry for the dud bug!

i just did a simple torus, binary v7 works just fine with 2.79 and 2.8.

Remember Blender only supports the binary format.

Thanks Nathan.