FBX model won't open

So at the moment I am trying to capture the 3D environement of google maps,
the first part of the process works without an issue.

but when I export my blender model into an fbx, the fbx file won t open, neither with the 3Dviewer or Rhino (always maximal ram space used then crash of the used program)

The pc power can t be an issues got 2 of them one with 64gb ram and the other one 16gb processeur should be good too, so I can imagine it s a file problem but I don t understand what

Thanks a lot
Tim Feichtinger

Hi Tim -

It sounds like that file is too big, even for your 64 GB RAM machine. How big is it on the disk? Are there any options in Blender to export a smaller version or export a subset of the terrain and see how that goes?