Return to an old version of Rhino


I would like to know if it is possible to go back to a previous version of Rhino ?

Today, I’m working with Rhino version 6.14 and some bugs are blocking my work. Which was not the case before.

I would like to return to Rhino V6.12, is it possible?

Thank you

Hi - that is possible, yes.
But, in the long run, that probably would work against you - you’d be stuck at RH6.12 and won’t be able to use Rhino 7, 8, …
So, yes, it’s possible - but perhaps you should work with us to try and fix what is wrong in SR 14?

Link to SR12 installer sent in PM.

Hi @wim !

Yes i do it !! :slight_smile: Today, my problem is this:

Before I send my Rhino file to the Unreal engine in FBX format, everything was fine.
Today, I test Datasmith, Obj and all other formats, they always have a loss of information (usually with textures or coordinates)

I have no other choice, I can not work otherwise.

Thank you wim for the link.

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