Bug Report: Rhino 6 Export/Import problem


There appears to be a problem with .3ds import and epxport in the latest service release of Rhino 6.

I am testing some steps before implementing it in a script in Grasshopper.

So I am selecting an object, then in the command line:
test.3ds //the name of the file
then choosing the mesh options
And then manually importing the exported file back, the object imported has a completely different scale and rotation, and some times the import dialog shows that the file imported is fbx, it does not show the same dialog box that show up when doing the same steps in Rhino 5 (the one that includes the unweld option)

So i tried importing the same file to rhino 5 and it imported correctly, the problem seems to be when importing it back to rhino 6

Yes, that’s not working as it should.
I’m always getting the FBX import here when I try to import a 3ds in the RH WIP.
And no matter if I pick YES or NO in the question about scaling from centimeters , the imported mesh is never the same size as the original object…

I also see rotation and positioning issues here.

Hi Sherif - I see that, thanks.


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