Import 3dm issue

Currently experiencing a different behaviour than with Rhino 6 when using the Import 3dm component.

After placing the component and selecting a file location, I can’t see the layers of the Rhino file in the layers panel anymore. Instead I see the layers of the imported file. When deleting the Import 3dm component in GH, the layers panel does not show any layers at all.

There is a new version of import 3dm as written up here

Could you explain a little more about the problem you are seeing? I’m having triuble following

Rhino viewport with Layers panel before setting a file location on the Import 3dm component:

After Set one existing file, the Layers panel shows the layers of the file set in the Import 3dm component:

Note, the Rhino viewport changed to the current view of the imported file

After deleting the Import 3dm component in Grasshopper. No more layers, but the content of the original file is still visible and when selected, the Properties panel shows correct properties:

I continued to save the file, quit and open again and the layers are all back in the Layers Panel

It seems Rhino’s layer manage displays information from the latest opened, headless document.

Yep, looks like a bug that I need to fix. I’ll try to fix this as soon as possible


RH-59091 is fixed in the latest WIP

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