Bug Report Layouts

(Stefan) #1


In our company we already have Autocad templates we were creating over the last years. When opening the template in Rhino, all our Layout-Templates are there, but the paper size doesn’t match the layout size.


Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.13.19008.12056
(OXII) #2

I can confirm that problem.

(Mary Ann Fugier) #9

Hi Stefan,
I am not sure how I missed it, but @dan brought it to my attention today.
I hope you will agree, this is better late then never.

This is an issue with Rhino 5 for Mac and Rhino 6 for Mac WIP.
However, it can only be fixed in the WIP.
I have confirmed it is still a bug in the WIP, and have logged it as RH-49573.

We will notify you when it is fixed.
And you can download and try the Rhino 6 for Mac WIP.
It can install side by side with Rhino 5 for Mac.
And it support the newer AutoCAD versions like 2016-2019.

Thanks again for letting us know.
Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

(Dan Belcher) #10

This issue should be resolved in the latest RhinoWIP. Please give it a try.