(Bug) _reflect and several commands

Version 8 (8.6.24101.05002, 2024-04-10)

after applying reflect (along y) to an subD the following commands are buggy or don t work at all:

… just preparing a lecture - sorry no time for more details… maybe laters or others have the same experience / examples ?

Hi Tom - thanks - the developer has fixed a few of these already, I’ll check these.

Here, Inset works, Bevel fails, and Bridge is just weird.

RH-81580 Bevel - fails with Reflect
RH-81581 Bridge - incomplete with Reflect


thanks pascal - I try to post an example with failing inset later.

with bridge there is a one special case - adding additional faces with a bridge should be handled… (meaning it is not a bridge from existing faces to existing faces, but from the subD with reflect to for example a SubDPlane that closes a hole - i will post an example for this later)


here is one where a simple _subDBox with _reflect along the y-Axis does not show preview for
while entering the distance:

and also - not on the video:
start _inset
click first reference point for distance.
now it is not possible to press Enter to finish the command, nor is it possible to finish with the old or another numeric value.


ok I am asking some level of magic here - or at least a nice error message / fail description.
using _bridge to add additional faces to a reflected SubD fails.
The behaviour varies:

  • the geometry is created as expected on the reference side, but reflection is lost (video)
  • bridge fails, the geometry is deleted.

_radiate + _insertPoint

insertPoint does not work for geometry with radiate N=5

and there is a fancy scrolling glitch of the command history.
caught on cctv: