Version 8 SR6 SubD Reflection Bug

I just switched from Rhino 7 to Rhino 8 SR6, and have encountered a fairly major issue when working with a SubD object with a live reflection plane added. I’m unable to use several tools relating to adding points or edges to the reflected SubD

The tools not working are:
•Insert Edge /Loop/Ring: The command line simply says it failed when I try either loop or ring
•Insert Point to Mesh or SubD: The tool acts correctly, until I confirm what I wish to add, then anything I wished to insert just disappears and the SubD remains unmodified.
•Stitch Mesh or SubD edges/vertices: The tool acts correctly until I try to confirm my change, then it applies no changes.

The tools work correctly if the SubD doesn’t have a reflection plane applied. My search shows that this is not the first time this bug has been reported, yet it remains an issue.
For my workflow, this is an almost crippling bug, and I will have to remain in Rhino 7 until this issue has been resolved.

make sure you are using the latest service release…there was a bug with reflection that was fixed recently.

Oh, yes that did the trick, thanks!