[BUG?] PDF linked block Print Color override <By Display> not effective


If I insert a PDF table (generated from Excel, Save As > PDF) on a layout as a linked block*, the content of the PDF is pretty nicely rendered:

*(The purpose here is obviously to keep an association with the table, so that if it gets updated, the block on the layout gets refreshed accordingly).

When it comes to print the layout, if I choose the Output Color > Display color option, the display colors are conserved:

With Output Color > Print color however, the table is totally black, which make sense, as the block PrintColor is set to ‘By Layer’, and the layer itself is black:

But here’s the problem: if I set the block’s PrintColor to ByDisplay, the print color still appears to be the layer print color:

Is that really the expected behavior?
IMHO, it would make more sense that the effective display colors (what is actually displayed on the screen) are always kept if the object’s PrintColor is set on .

Thanks in advance