What color of a line in print display?

There is a line (on default layer) inside a block on another layer.

Default layer display color is black.
Block layer display color is red.
Line inside a block has display color by parent and print color by display.
Block has display color by layer and print color by display.

My line appears black, should not it be red in printdisplay mode?

With the above settings, the line will display at whatever layer color the original line was on (which you didn’t specify).

Default layer on which a line resides has display color black.

My logic is as follow:

Line inherits its display color from parent (which is a block). Blocks display color is by layer (RED).
Lines print color is by display so it should take the color from display but display is by parent and parent color is RED.

Is my logic wrong somewhere?

I was always under the impression that ‘parent’ was the layer that the original object was on… But I don’t do much with this stuff, so I may be incorrect here. If you change the layer color that the original line was on to red, does it change in the block?

i tried, it changes according to default layer color.

Hello- please post an example file.


test color.3dm (148.4 KB)

Hello - if you BlockEdit and set the box’s Print Color to ‘By parent’, does it do what you want?


yes, but is there a reason why it should not be according to the logic as i described above?

So - An object inside a block has display color set ‘By Parent’ and print color ‘By Display’, so the By parent-ness of the display color should propogate to the print color inside the block, and it does not, is what you are saying, correct?

RH-66340 PrintDisplay: not following byParent


exactly thats the “chain of command” i see in that