Rhino 6 not displaying print colours in 'Print Preview"

Not sure if a bug or settings are not correct but when in ‘Print Preview’ mode the layout page does not display correct ‘Print Color’ or ‘Layout Print Colour’ for inserted blocks - however, when printing the colour is generated correctly in the PDF thumbnail.

When you call PrintDisplay, does Color=Print (and State=On)?


Hi Sam, yes I have tried these options.

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@dirk.anderson You need to run PrintDisplay while on a layout page in order for it to work, the settings for model space and layout space are separate. You should see in the command line:

Print Display (Layout Viewports) ( State=On Color=Print LayoutLinetypes=On )


uh… yes. I am in layout mode. *I just added that it works fine for model space geometry except for blocks that are inserted within the file.

Is anyone else having issues with Print Display for Blocks? Mcneel emailed my staff to say that it will be fixed in the next update but that update came and went.

I’m having this issue. Blocks show correctly if I do PrintDisplay in Model view but in a layout view viewport they remain coloured and do so when exporting a pdf. If I explode them they will take on the correct print display view but that obviously doesn’t work for me.

Same here. @pascal @brian @Helvetosaur?

PrintDisplay and blocks is something @stevebaer would know about.

It looks like there are a number of bugs on the heap with this or related symptoms.


I’ll take a look at this. Apparently I missed the case that you guys are seeing.

Please do Steve – it’s caused some major workflow issues with our documentation that added some serious time to the production of our packages. In addition – we have also found that a lot of hatches and line-types have also been buggy with the PDF export from 6 which meant having to revert all our design and layout files back to R5.



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@stevebaer Hi Steve, have you found out anything about this one? I’ve aupdated to the most recent 6.6, and still, happening.

This issue has not been fixed yet. It is in our bug tracking system at
I am hoping to be able to get to this very soon

Is this thread still open? I experience similar issues. When printing the layout, objects in the layout (like dimensions) are printed but not the viewports.
Version 6 SR16
(6.16.19190.7001, 09-Jul-19)

Hi Rob - The issue reported in this thread was fixed.
That issue was about print color for objects in blocks. From your brief description, it sounds like you are looking at something else. Could you please post a simple 3dm file or detailed steps that are needed to reproduce the issue?

Hi Rob,
You may want to try the SR18 release candidate that we made available today to see if this fixes the bug you were seeing.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for informing. I suspect that error was caused by having Linked Rhino V5 that were not shown in the V6 view ports. I am not sure though. Updating the old V5 files to V6 seemed to have solved the problem.