Bug: Printing (to PDF) a locked object makes it gray in the print

Hi, I am working on a layout where I lock a few objects to make editing easier and when I print it (to PDF) the locked object (a white hatch) is printed in the same gray that the display pipeline uses to show that the object is locked.

But I can’t see any scenarios where we want to show that an object is locked on the print.
So this must be a bug.

Hi Jørgen,

Did not test because in my phone: what if you set the “output color” to “print color” ?


Good point, that probably works.
Personally I don’t consider the locked gray a “Display color”, but rather an indication for modelling, so to me it doesn’t make sense to override the object color when it is locked (while printing).

This is still a problem in Rhino for Mac 7.28. Setting to ‘Print Color’, locked objects/layers still print gray.

Unfortunately this is still a problem (in the currnet Rhino 6 version). Is this fixed in Rhino 7/8? That would be another argument in convincing my company to upgrade :wink:

Hi Robin - as far as I can see Print color wins over locked object color if that is set in the dialog - all of these objects have print color as red. Only the lower right is not locked. s that what you expect?


Hi Pascal, thanks for your reply. What you describe is indeed what I would expect.
On Layouts it seems to work different with locked blocks: