Bug - Panels redraw issue

In a floating panel with the materials list on the side (two columns), after doing a search and going back to the list the column becomes one and there is some UI ghosting artifact in place of the second column.

Hi Thomas - I do not see that here so far in the latest. No ‘outside’ rendering plug-ins, which I think you have, here - if you are running any, can you tell if this cares about that, i.e. disable the plug-ins, close and reopen Rhino - still see this?


Exact same problem with Bella disabled. Single column after a search.

@pascal I get it on this simple file too:
Untitled.3dm (184.1 KB)

Hm - still works as expected here… what is your display like, what resolution?


@pascal 1920x1080, RTX2060

Also no-go, at least on my larger screen at lower res. I’ve asked my coworkers to test on a similar screen to yours.

@pascal It some kind of refresh issue. The moment I click a material the list comes back.

@pascal The scrollbar is doing something. If the search result has no scrollbar the window border shifts in, but if the next screen has a scrollbar the window border shifts but the scroll bar shows up one scrollbar width in the wrong place.