Glitches with the new PBM panel

Don’t know if this has been reported, but after some time working with it, the color field in the physically base material panel shrinks, and some flickering when scrolling the PBM panel section occurs:

Rhino 7.7.21131.13001, Windows 10, all the updates.


Hi Eugen -

I’m unable to reproduce that here. Can you reliably make that happen with a specific set of steps to take?

Hello! Fiddled a lot with the panel, but cannot repro why the color selector shrinks. Will get back if I have an idea why.
Regarding the flickering: Add some ‘Detailed settings’, make the panel small enough so it’s scroll bar appears, then scroll up and down.
Btw. I use the dark theme (using the colorscheme package), where this might be more obvious.
Thank you!

Another one of these, in the floating panel:

Happens sporadically.