Bug? docked toolbar move around upon relaunch, property/layer and other side panel setup sometime disappear upon relaunch

is this a bug or how can I fix it/prevent it from happening?

  • docked toolbar, Osnap, filter and command line sometime will random re-arrange itself when I reopen, especially after display resolution change
  • sometime, I think especially after a file crash, when I reopen I will lose the side panel setup, will have to re-open side panels with F3, which will bring me the default setup with help window, so I will have to manually open other windows I previously have opened like named views, display, etc.

Hello - are you changing resolutions and/or crashing often enough that this UI re-arrangement becomes a problem?


Thnx for the quick response!

so at work we all use laptop with docking stations to work on our assigned desk, but we very often undock our laptop and relocate to collaboration desks to have meetings, show progress, etc. which means my screen resolution changes several times daily and that’s why it feels like a annoyance to me.

the panel disappearing happen often enough that I feel like I have to do it at least once every other day, which is a little bit annoying. I’m not 100% sure property panel disappearing is tied to R6 crash, but I work with grasshopper so much which somtimes lock into a loop and there are other bugs that let R6 crash (font compatibility issue as I mentioned in anther thread) so I feel like rhino crashing is a very frequent event for me.

Hi Jun - ok- thanks for the details - the changing resolutions makes sense and I can see it is a workflow we may need to deal with, I’ll see if anyone has a suggestion for that. The crashing sounds bad - are you sending in crash reports for these? If you see the crash report system kick in, please send these if you can.

@Jun_Wang - as far as re-arrangement goes, I just had a chat with the developer - better accommodating changing resolutions and displays is something that cannot, unfortunately, be dealt with in V6 - it will require a completely different approach to storing UI information. I’ll add a bug report for V7.

As far as open panels being closed - I can imagine that happening after a crash but I would not expect it, I don’t think, after a change in resolution. Can you confirm that it happens at least some of the time when changing the display?


yes I’ve been sending crash report, but it’s mostly the property panels disappearing that bothers me here, are you saying that has to do with resolution change as well?

edit: will watch out for another crash to see if it’s connected.

thank you for considering improving on this!

so after some further testing:

  1. The toolbar re-arrangement will not happen if I keep the Rhino open and change resolution back and forth
  2. The re-arrangement will happen if I close Rhino in one resolution and open it again in another
  3. After re-arrangement happens if I switch to the old resolution the old layout will not come back
  4. The docked panel disappearance does not happen either way so it must be triggered by file crash, do you think one possible solution for future release version is to let docked panel be part of the toolbar setting so it can be easily restored? Hopefully the toolbar setting can remember the toolbar docked location too?

Thank you!

I get Panel disappearance randomly. No crashes, nothing out of ordinary. Sometimes when Rhino is opened the Panels are not there (I always open a few and place them on second monitor part of screen.) Rhino7, Win10. Also happened in previous versions of Rhino