Bug in our model with image and doming

Hi, we have encountered a bug in our latest model. the color print image together with doming on same side leads to the effect that image disappears in certain view angles.


Hi @hemmrich, the issue with color print images is now solved. However, whenever the image has a transparency there is some problems. we have discussed this issue with our WebGL expert and we found a way to improve the rendering of these transparent objects. I’ve reworked the model to reflect these new suggestions. Please review the model here. Unfortunately, the image still disappears in some camera angles as the WebGL rendering does not know what to render first when dealing with multiple layers of transparency. This is a problem any web solution using WebGL faces and we are aware of it. We recommend you to add a warning note in your UI besides the doming option to alert your users.

Hi, i am now coming around to add an obj file to the model. but it does not show on the coin. can you check if the file is right f
ag999.obj (434.4 KB)
or it? what do we have to consider building those obj files?

The mesh contains lot of n-gons which are not supported by the Geometry Input. I cleaned it with Rhino’s DeleteMeshNgons and it works fine.
ag999 2.obj (709.2 KB)

See following thread for more details:

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