Shapediver model stopped working

Hi support,

our model stoped responding from today. We can upload an obj file, but we are not able to add Points on screen.
The console return this message : sdgtfloader: got invalid data for ShapeDiver formats. Returning pure glTF-based object only.
Have you made some changes?


Please post the link to your ShapeDiver model here. Ideally, also send me (as PM if needed) an example obj to test the issue.

I found your model and reuploaded it and for me it solved the issue. Could you try to reupload yours and let me now if that helps? In the meantime we are still investigating the issue.


the reupload worked, thank you!!!
However, it would be great if you detect the issues, because our customers where not able to use the software for few hours.


Hi @bodibodileg, many thanks for your feedback! Yes of course we are working on tracking down the original issue, and will let you know once we found it. Many thanks for your patience!