[BUG] GH WIP Preview component issues

Hi all,

I just discovered that GH in the last RH WIP is displaying the output of the ‘Preview’ component even when the preview is deactivated per component or for all components. The only way to stop them to display information is disabling the components.

I couldn’t find other post describing the problem.


To add onto this, I noticed that changing the viewport mode from shaded to wireframe seems to solve this issue. Sometimes, I cannot get any preview geometry to appear when the viewport is set to shaded mode, so I have to work strictly in wireframe mode.

@Angel, @Christian_Gartland - it sounds like you are describing opposite symptoms, to I have that right? Angel cannot get previews to go away and Christian has trouble getting them to show…
Is any of this still a problem?


Hi Pascal,

First off, I should clarify that Angel and I were having two separate issues–Angel couldn’t get preview geometry to disappear and I couldn’t get any geometry to appear in shaded mode. HOWEVER, I had the same problem as Angel with one of my previous files.

I’ve confirmed that I still have the issue Angel is describing with the newest WIP build. The issue is very difficult to replicate from scratch, but I can still replicate it under certain circumstances with one of my files I was previously having issues with. The file was originally created in Rhino 5 but was later saved as a Rhino 6 file (which may or may not be relevant).

Here are two images demonstrating the issue.

IMAGE 1: Wireframe Mode

IMAGE 2: Rendered Mode

In the second image, the large gray object filling the frame is the source object before it is scaled. The pink object is the source object after its first scaling operation. The blue line is a piped curve for one of the guide curves for the swept geometry. The white geometry is piped edges of the resultant boolean intersection of the two sweeps. all of the objects visible EXCEPT for the largest object are connected to custom preview components. So, it may be possible to get rid of most of the preview geometry by deleting the custom preview components, but the huge grey object will remain.

The second issue I described in my earlier post may or may not be related to this one, but I don’t remember which files I was using, so it will be difficult to replicate. Here are the two files for the first issue (the Rhino file may say that there is a missing image file, but this is just due to the embedded image files not carrying over from the Rhino 5 file).

Custom Profile Point Cloud Version.gh (105.5 KB)
Assignment 3 Skull R6 170327.3dm (13.0 MB)