Geometry Preview Problems

Hello dear GH-Community!

I have a small problem regarding the Preview of geometry in the Rhino-Viewport.
Unfortunately I can not provide my Files, because it is work related.

I have a surface on which I created hundreds of triangles and a bunch of different geometries which I need to see the soroundings of the geometry I actually work on. Everything works just fine, but as soon as I connect the “Fillet”-Component to add a radius to the triangles corners the preview in the Rhino-Viewport changes to wireframe, eventhough “Shaded” is chosen as a display mode. This happens with GH-Geometry and Rhino-Geometry. The odd thing is, that it only occurs in Perspective Mode, Top, Front, Right etc. work as they are supposed to.

Do you have any suggestions why that specific component might cause this problem?

Regards from Germany

PS: I am using Rhino 5 SR8 and GH 0.9.0076

Always post a representative portion of the issue no matter if is top secret or not.

Other than that I’ve seen from time to time various issues related with graphics and Rhino especially using NVidia Quadro (2, 4, 5, 6xxx) boards.

Rhino 5 has SR 14 available, you could check that.

Also one thing to check is to see if this still happens with the latest Rhino 6 service release to see if that has been fixed for your file. For Rhino 5 there will be no further bugfix service releases.

It solved itself misteriously after a while! Updated Rhino and restarted it a few times, suddenly it worked again. Thanks for taking your time and responding to my question :slight_smile: