Selected preview not longer working on latest rh wip / gh version

Hi there
I have just downloaded the latest rh wip version
Work In Progress
(6.0.17136.10381, 05/16/2017)

I am not longer able to preview the geometry inside selected components.
If i bake the component the geometry pops up as real RH geometry but if i don’t i there is no way to see what is inside the given component no matter i select it . Any suggestion ?

Is it there a way to downgrade to previous WIP version ? I got stuck and need to finish my job asap

many thanks


Hi Filippo,

are you using Rendered viewports, or Shaded/Wireframe?

The latest release of GH has some new behaviour which disables all previews in display modes that either use or override the render material of objects. This means Rendered, Arctic and Raytraced for the standard view modes. I.e. if the highlighted option is anything other than Object's color.

Hi David and many thanks for the quick reply and solution to my problem

I was using shaded view but the display options were actually different from those shown above.

After setting them as shown in your pictures I can see the preview of selected components once again

i really appreciate , kindest regards