Bug: F7 = toggle grid. not working

Hi All,

I checked the keyboard options and my F7 is correctly assigned to : noecho -_Grid _ShowGrid _ShowGridAxes _Enter

…but somehow it doesn’t change anything.


yup… noticed this too.

Hi all - I just ran into this as well - the problem is the default display modes are incorrectly set to use ‘mode-specific’ grid visibility instead of the ‘document settings’.




@gustojunk, @andheum,

Actually, this is a feature. The grid settings are part of the display mode instead of a setting on the viewport.

You can toggle grid visibility in the Display tab. It affects every viewport with that mode active.

If F7 toggled the visibility of the grid for the current viewport, and all other viewports set to use the same display mode, would that work for you?

yeah that works. For me it’s all about seeing/not seeing the grid on the viewport I’m currently working on, presenting on or taking screenshots from. Thx.


Yeah I’d be ok with that. Just need a shortcut to hide the grid and don’t really care if it’s at the level of the viewport or the display mode. However - might be annoying if this were persistent (i.e. I turn it off in one doc in shaded and then new session/new doc grid is still missing in shaded) - might trip up newcomers. Can display modes be set to “use viewport settings” for this?

Or is the viewport-level setting now gone entirely?

I think we’re headed toward getting rid of both the document and viewport level settings completely so that there’s only one place to control grid visibility: the display mode.

This would eliminate some existing confusion where the same setting can be set in multiple places but not all of them have an effect on the view.

These are the issues under consideration:

One somewhat disconcerting consequence of this shows when you turn off the grid, say to make a screen shot, then save and close, then start a new model - potentially (and actually; I just did it) there is no grid in any view - just solid gray.


Oooh I don’t like that.people will think wifi is down.

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Wait, you mean it isn’t?


I was hoping that we could put all the display controls that you might want to toggle all in one place… one click away… rather than having a few on functions keys, some on the options dialog, others on a side panel, etc. etc.

It seemed to me that it would be easier to have everything I needed in one handy place. Of course, I could be completely confused.

Hi Bob - in one place is good, but I’m not yet convinced that it should not be a document setting. It might work fine, it’s just that there are some unintended consequences turning up- maybe we can live with those. I do think that clicking in the Display tab cannot be the only way to set this particular item - if you have Display even open to begin with, and even if it is on top and visible, mousing over and clicking two tiny check boxes with a mouse seems a noticeable step backwards compared to F7.


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I would agree if that was the only thing that people commonly change when setting up a screen shot. My guess is that they are toggling a bunch of the other settings on that panel at the same time.

When else does any need to toggle the grid off?

Good question - for sure that is the thing I need it for the most and as a rule it is the only thing I change… but I’ll try to pay attention.


my go-to for screenshot prep is grid off and world axes gadget off. The other thing I find myself wanting to control on a per-viewport basis (that I currently cannot) is background color - I frequently want to switch between white and black, for instance, without changing the display mode defaults.

I think it’s worth considering “temporary overrides” for some (all?) of these settings - and maybe those things highlight with a different color in the display palette to let you know this viewport is not obeying the display mode rules (with a quick button to reset to display mode defaults). That way, if users are UNAWARE of the overrides and just want to control the settings all in one place, they’re fine - and if the overrides have been set the display panel is still the best place to answer the question “How come I can’t see x?”

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What’s more, I would REALLY like the ability to apply these changes (ideally as document/viewport-level overrides but maybe just as edits to the display mode if that’s the chosen direction) from the command line - so I could have quick utility macros like “PrepForScreenshot” or “BlackBackground” or “ShadowsOn” etc.

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I personally toggle things on/off when I’m looking at stuff myself or when I’m reviewing with colleagues/clients. The things that usually go on/off are, in order of frequency:

  • grid
  • curves
  • points
  • surface edges
  • surface isocurves

The one thing that I love about the grid toggle (until last build that it worked) is that I can quickly toggle them with a keystroke. This is really important when I’m reviewing work with one viewpoint fullscreen in an external monitor and I don’t have to have a viewmode panel open.

I agree with Andrew, I’d love to have all these controls to be able to be run with macros that I can make a button for the ones I want. Also besides the toggles/checkboxes, I’d love to see included Including the transparency level of all objects in the rendered viewmodes (which is a great feature to model and see though stuff without messing with the actual transparency of your materials).


As long as that means that things are available from the keyboard, that’s fine…

I’m actually happier with the grid as a document property than a global display setting. If I’m drawing stuff in a 2D ortho viewport I don’t like the grid on because I find it distracting - I usually work only with the axes showing so I know where 0 is. In the Perspective viewport I may or may not have it on, so I do toggle it, depending on what I need to do. The grid size is a document property anyway, and since I work with things ranging from small hand-held objects to kilometer sized to terrain/urban planning stuff, the grid always to be sized to the file anyway. For large geo files, the grid doesn’t serve any real function most of the time anyway.