Bug: F7 = toggle grid. not working

this raises another point. can we have the option of an infinite grid?

This is what will be in the next WIP:

  1. Grid/Axis visibility options will be gone from the Grid document options page.
  2. There will no longer be Grid-visibility-per-view, it will always be per-display mode.
  3. F7 will switch the grid visibility for the display mode of the current viewport.
  4. Display modes will no longer have a “Use document settings” option for grid visibility.

Unfortunately, this change was not the WIP we just released.

  • Andy

We don’t use the grid. Ever.

So this switch actually alters your display mode and is “semi-permanent”? At what time does this info get written to the registry?

For example If I have multiple instances of Rhino open and my shaded display mode set up to not show the grid. Now, I turn on the grid in one instance. I expect it will not affect the other running Rhinos (if so, that would be really bad), however, suppose I open a new instance after having done the above. Will my shaded mode have the grid on or off? And now I have to make sure that the last instance of Rhino that I close has the right settings?

Really not all that fond of this change, myself.



It is immediate. You can expect other Rhinos to update within a few seconds.

  • Andy

Lovely. :grimacing:


You’ll be pleased to know we have abandoned this approach. We’re going about this another way now.

  • Andy