F7 grid switch in Perspective window not working

In V5 it seems that i can no longer use F7 to toggle the grid on and off in just the perspective window. I’m using shaded mode on all orthos as well and can get F7 to work there. I can turn off the grid and axis in the display tab for perspective but it seems like perspective should act like the other view windows. ???

working as expected here (v5 sr13) …f7 toggles grid in the active window as expected…did something on your system change recently, or has this just started happening?

Not sure when Kyle. I guess I need to do an update, thanks!

Hi Jody - make sure the display mode is set to ‘Use document settings’ for the grid and not ‘Mode specific’. This turned up in the V6 WIP the other day as well where all the modes were, for some reason, set to ‘Mode specific’.


That did the trick Pascal! You guys are great.

This is actually a new feature “by design” - we still have to figure out what to do with F7, but basically the new idea is that grid settings are “per viewport” instead of “per file”.

  • Andy

Hi Andy - I’d say F7 or some equivalent really has to work then…


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+1 for me too

Hi Andy,
It would be nice if you would allow us to customize the grid ala past requests which I am sure you are aware of. Nothing has been done to give more user options to the grid since V1.

can it toggle? if it’s view specific, and say in rendered mode it’s off by default, can f7 then force it back on? I’m fine with whatever default you want, as long as its easy to bring it back (which I personally prefer)

having it stay with the f7 on/off is my preference

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Hi all

I agree that F7 has to work. And it will - but first we need to figure out exactly how the grid should work.

The one question I have at the moment - for the forum: Do we need to have the grid on in one view, and off in another when they both have the same display mode?

Or - another way - should all Shaded mode / Rendered Mode viewports look the same, with respect to the grid?


Sorry - I miswrote this: I meant “per display mode”, not “per viewport”

  • Andy

I vote for “all viewports in the [x] display mode should look the same”.

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So if you press F7 in a viewport which is in wireframe mode, all other viewports that are also in wireframe mode also change?