Grid options changed?

Several weeks ago I noticed that grid options were no longer set per display mode, but globally for the document, although they can be assigned to a specific viewport. I thought I would let it go and see how it develops, but there seems to be no further work on it. How long has this change existed in the WIP?

In any case I really don’t like it. I think the grid setup should be customizable per display mode and if necessary, viewport.

I can see an argument for the global approach for someone’s collection of working display modes, but many people also have custom modes dedicated just to finished viewing. They might have a set of modes where the only difference is the presence or absence of either unsightly or important grids and axis indicators.

I think you’re barking up the wrong tree with the current system.

I’m interested to hear what others think.

I haven’t noticed any changes but perhaps it’s something that is workflow-specific. - or I’m missing something…

Rhino Options > View > Display Modes > [your mode] > Grid > Grid Settings > Grid usage

Doesn’t that let you set your grid per display mode?

Al, did you ever find out about this one?

When answering another query about the grid earlier today, I stumbled over this one:

I’m not sure what the “other way” is… @andy?

cc: @margaret, when I compare the help file on grid for RH5 and RH6, they look identical.

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Um… The settings have not changed from V5 to V6 as far as I can see, so the Help topic hasn’t changed. What am I missing?

I guess I’m kind of like Margaret: I wasn’t aware of the WIP changes in this area, nor the thread you found. I have a grid setup I like and rarely change it. I recently went to do so and discovered it didn’t work the way I remembered. Now that I read the Bug: F7 thread I understand.

Now I’ll need to do some in-depth exploration and see how I like it. One thought that occurred to me is that clipping planes should be on this list and they should all have a unified way of toggling them and accessing their properties:

@andy I’d like some kind of hint what the “other way” is myself.