[Bug] Editor frames do not scale in C# Script component!


Like Khaled used to blurt out… “another one”… :wink:

When trying to resize the C# Script component inside Grasshopper, the text frames - where you’re supposed to “edit code in” - don’t scale! The grey-ish padding just grows larger.

It doesn’t work, if I use maximise (green button top left) or a window arranging tool (e.g. Moom) either. I’m currently using :rhinoceros: 6 (6.27.20176.04592, 2020-06-24). If you’re curious about the specific file, where I noticed this, you can find it here.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Just for the boomers among us, who don’t know DJ Khaled. No offense! :rofl:

Hey @diff-arch,

Thanks again for reporting issues as you see them, it is really helpful!

I recently found this problem as well while working on this issue.

I’ve logged that bug as RH-59603.

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Thank you, @curtisw! :slight_smile: