Reducing Python Script Editor Window blackens the Grasshopper Editor Window

This topic is to report I behavior. Is this a bug ? I do not know but the behavior is a bit strange in my opinion.


  • have a GH editor with a Python editor. As mentioned in the window below, 3 windows are within the Rhino application : the Rhino (“untilted”, “Grassphopper” and “Python Script Editor”).
  • Reduce the Python Editor Window

Unexpected behavior:


  • Go back to the Rhino Editor and select the Python script editor

I can reproduce this. I’m not sure how much we can do about this one. I see you are in fullscreen mode. The behavior of this bug is slightly different when not in fullscreen mode, but it just illustrates the underlying problem. I believe this happens because the GhPython editing window is a child window of the parent Grasshopper window. This is not specific to GhPython components; C# components do the same thing. @curtisw can you please set me straight if I’m wrong and I can log a bug.

@dan hm yeah that is odd behaviour, but something I expect would happen when minimizing a child window of GH when it is set as a full screen (or half screen) app as pictured.

I can look into putting a workaround of some sort, or just disable minimizing of the child window(s) when the GH window is in that state.

Hi @curtisw, for your information, I need to minimize the Python Editor and keep the GH editor open quite often.
Each time:

  • edit the Python code, create one or two output variables,
  • to check the new output variables, minimize the python editor to edit the GHPython component and add the new output variables

and so on. With this interaction schema, you see that forbiding the minimization will not help. Thks for your understanding

Hey @Peugeot, thanks for the feedback. I’ll take that into consideration.

Thanks @curtis! Yeah, this might be worth investigating a bit. I logged this here:

RH-57545 Grasshopper: Reducing Python Script Editor Window blackens the Grasshopper Editor Window

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RH-57545 is fixed in the latest Service Release Candidate

Is this related to the python editor turning black when running too?
If I have a script that takes a long time to run and I maximize the python editor again it looks like this:

It would be cool If I could see it as usual so I could look over the content (with out editing it of course) while I was waiting.