C# Script editor - Bug on macOS


I’m using rhino 7.5.21089.05002, and can’t open the C# Script editor. Neither double click, nor right click-> edit source work…

My previous script run well though, but there is no way to edit anything.

Is there anything I can do ?



Hi Félix -
I tested that here on 7.5 and 7.6 on my Mac and that seems to work. I just started Grasshopper, dropped a C# component on the canvas and then double-clicked. Is the issue file-specific on your side? If so, please post the Grasshopper file.

Hi Wim,
Thanks for your reply. It really doesn’t work for any C# in any file.
Here is a video of nothing happening

The empty GH file with only a C# on it : c# bug.gh (1.2 KB)

The editor for Grasshopper scripting components was broken in last weeks release candidate as discussed here.

The fix is in the next release.


Ah thanks, I was surprised I had not been spotted yet.

Any idea when the next release would be available ?

Hi Félix -

From what I can tell from that issue report (RH-63586), the fix went into 7.5 and the next public release candidate should be available tomorrow. If all goes well, that is.

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