BUG: ChamferEdge fails to create Solid

Hi Guys,
Take a look at this file.
On My WinV7 (7.1.20343.9491, 08/12/2020) the ChamferEdge it fail to create a solid and it make 2 weird curly open edges.

20210103_ChamferBug_V7.3dm (613.2 KB)

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Anyone here?

Hello - thanks, I see this. For now, to fix the chamfered object, Explode, Join, RemoveAllNakedMicroEdges.

My guess of the moment is this may be due to the edges not being quite tangent there where the long edge meets the rounded ends, but I’ll get it on the pile for the developer.

RH-62226 ChamferEdge: Leaves nakeds


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