Fillet is completely broken - help!

Hi there, currently working on an extremely important project; just updated Rhino, and filled edge seems to have completely broken.
It simply creates the filleted edge mesh, but doesn’t remove the original objects edge - so I either just end up with a filleted mesh inside the original model, or just the filleted edge and nothing else.

At first I thought my object was just too complex somehow (even though it was relatively simple), so I created a simple cube, but the same happened here.
So maybe the file is somehow corrupted? Made a brand new file, created a simple cube…Aaaand, same result. Broken.
Chamfer works just fine, but fillet is completely unusable!

Please help! If anyone has any idea what’s happening!

Sounds like you have TrimAndJoin=No. It is an option after selecting the edges and clicking/enter but before completing the command. Change to TrimAndJoin=Yes.

FilletEdge auto trim and join sometimes does not work depending on the details of the shape an fillet sizes, In those situations there are two alternatives. One is to you FilletEdge with TrimAndJoin=No and manually Trim the surfaces. The other is to explode the object and use FilletSrf between pairs of surfaces.

post the FIL3 3dm or a sceenshot

@davidcockey is difficult to spot them- With that name… looks like there is no learning system attach to it.

Hello @randomlunatic welcome to this forum

Hello - please post a file with the object, and tell us what radius you are using, I’ll see if I can find where the trim is failing.