Bug: Background bitmap on Google Team-Drives scale mismatch


I’ve got this customer request (Rhino 5 for Mac 5.5.2):

In 3dm integrated background-bitmaps are correct scaled only for the creator, who saved the file on Google team drives. Other team-drive members get not the correct background bitmap scaling. UPDATE: Even worse, the background bitmap is missing.

Any ideas?



Hi Michael-

This sounds like either a permissions or a path issue. My German is non-existent, but I presume that - if the “other team member” copies the 3dm file and the bitmaps on their Desktop - this works as expected. Is that correct?

Hi Dan,

I suppose copying to the desktop works. It seams that other team-drive members don’t have access to the bitmap, only to the 3dm-file.



I agree, it does seem that way.

Hi, I am Sven who started this topic in the German Rhino forum.

Both the Rhino file and the background image are located in the very same folder on a Google team drive. All team members have access to those files.

I also verified that a Rhino file which was saved for the first time of its existance on that team drive has the same issue - the background image is not displayed when another member of the Google group opens that Rhino file.

Since Rhino does not store or display file path and position/scaling information for background images it is impossible for other users to reconstruct the file including a sometimes very important background image.

Side note: The file preview thumbnail shows the background image.

Many thanks,

And a last test result: Saving the background image to the team member’s desktop does not cure the problem either.