Help! Huge bongo render animation stopped!

I have a bongo2/rhino5 animation that uses camera to path and target to object constraints. I screen captured my physical camera settings, output size settings and the bongo animation settings (total ticks, frame size/rate, etc).

Using 3 distributed systems with 56 cores. My rendering client system took a Windows 10 update during the middle of the night and rebooted leaving me 2 days in to a 4 day render. I re-setup the physical camera to match my saved settings, verified the frame size matches. Then restarted the bongo animation, made sure I had same settings for frame rate and selected the remaining range of frames to continue the rendering job.

However no matter how I tinker with it, I do not get a smooth transition from the last frame rendered before the windows update, and the first frame rendered after restarting. The camera position and focal length are not the same!

What am I missing? Is there any other settings I need to be aware of? How do I avoid starting over and throwing away all my work? I am assuming that I should be able to restart at the exact same point and continue with no hysteresis.

I am assuming that there is another setting somewhere that is different but the only thing I changed from my default settings is the camera lens length was altered from 40 to 35 and output size adjusted.

Would be cool if all the exact settings were saved in a progress file when the animation is running and I could point to that settings file and have bongo continue exactly where it left off. I am a SW architect with 30 years of experience and know that there must be a way to continue from exactly where it stopped!

Please help! I have restarted the rendering where it left off but already know there will be a discontinuity at the transition between the two rendering sessions. now afraid that I will need to re-render the first half again since they don’t match. So if I can’t restart reliably and restart the first half later, I will need to start all over.

Chet Douglas
Inspiredezigns LLC

Is there a list somewhere of all the settings that bongo and Rhino need? Do I need to write them all down and manually check every setting before restarting the animation to continue? I am assuming that all settings are being saved. I noticed that the physical output setting were not saved and I had to adjust them. What else is not being saved by bongo/Rhino that would cause this???

I did find the forum article on how to disable the win10 auto update that caused this problem in the first place so that should not happen again!

Is there a way to dump all Rhino and bongo setting to a text file so I can compare settings manually or with SW when this happens again?

If you have saved the model the settings should be saved and you should be able to just continue. So lets try and figure out why it isn’t happening.
What target renderer are you using when rendering the animation?
Any chance that you could share the model with us so that we could have a look at what’s going on?
If there’s objects in the model that you don’t want to share, you can remove them and send us a lighter version of the model that doesn’t have the confidential stuff. All we need is the the Bongo animation part. You can upload the model to:
and put me in as the recipient.

Thanks for the quick offer to take a look. I am using latest Vray 2.0? for Rhino 5 and Bongo 2, x64. I ended up starting over on Sunday as I could not make the second session flow with the first session as explained. Hopefully my new rendering session goes without a hitch and will be done in a few days… I will then re-create the scenario and send the model to you.

Thanks again for the help! I will follow-up!

Ok thanks!

Btw - one thing that came to mind since you’re using V-Ray as the target render. In V-Ray there’s a setting (a checkbox) under Output size called Override viewport. Unless it’s checked Bongo is not allowed to alter the output size for the rendering and that might cause troubles, so please make sure it’s checked.

Yes that is set. I also have size set to 1920x1080 and aspect ratio and pixel ratio locked. When I restarted the render and checked all the settings, override viewport was set but the size had changed to some huge odd size like 5280x2969 which prompted my question of what setting were saved. I wouldn’t think the size change would impact the camera location since aspect ratio is locked and when I set it back to 1920x1080, the camera location was still messed up.

My restarted render animation of 1500 frames is almost complete so over the weekend I will try to reproduce…

Thanks again!