Bug Adjust closed curve seam

_CrvSeam does not work in the latest V7.

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Hello Erik,

Seems to be working here in a quick test…
I’m on 7.2 RC - (7.2.20343.11011, 08-Dec-20)

Is that with any curve or one particular object/type of curve. Post an example maybe?

Sorry, did not see that the option SnapToKnots was set to Yes.
Therefore I could not drag the seam point to the place I wanted. I am not used to have this option set to Yes as default.

Hi Erik,
CrvSeam has a Bug.
If you select a single closed curve and run CrvSeam, you can set the seam where you want.
If yuo run CrvSeam on a multiple Curve selection, the command place the seams in a random way.
I figured it out after multiple tests.
I’ve made a post in the italian discourse forum with some images to explain the problem:

The only workaround I’ve found is to change seam one singular curve at a time.
Would be good to know if someone at McNeel have registered this issue… maybe @pascal ?

Ok, I found another post where there is the bugtrack.