Can Not Select a Closed Curve to Adjust Seam?


Hi and thanks for looking. I am using Rhino 6 Windows 7 Pro. I am also quite new to Rhino. In the attached drawing, I would like to adjust the seam on the outer closed curve. It was created by joining two arcs into a close curve. I have verified it is a closed curve. In the attempt to use the “Adjust Closed Seam Command”, I am consistently unsuccessful. The center closed curve that is highlighted is a center radius circle. I can select it and adjust the seam on it. I have tried exploding the closed outer curve and re-joining it into a single closed curve. I have deleted it and rebuilt it. I have closed Rhino and re-opened it. I am unable to click “Adjust Closed Seam” command and select the closed curve in order to rebuild it. I am certain that this must be a simple problem to solve, but I can not find the answer. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Celia Bombe Ring.3dm (40.0 KB)

Can you post a .3dm file with the curves? Files can be uploaded using the vertical arrow icon in the row of icons above where you type your post.

Hi @studiocelia
You can only adjust the seam for closed curves, not closed polycurves (made from multiple segments, eg. your two arcs). You’ll have to either re-do the circle from scratch, run SimplifyCrv or rebuild the curve in order to make your polycrv a single, closed curve.
HTH, Jakob

I do not believe that is correct, you should be able to adjust closed polycurve seams as well… your curve looks funky to me though with those 3 red segments pointing to the center (if they are part of your “closed curve”). Do post a file with the curve in question.

Oh, sorry - I didn’t know that! I stand corrected. Well, then we need a file!

Thank you David. I have edited the post and attached the file. As a side note, since I originally posted, I created a completely new file and started over from scratch. This resulted in a curve with a seam I was able to adjust. It puzzles me as to what I must have done to render that curve incapable of this adjustment.

Not a puzzle at all - the curve is not closed. Select it and look in Properties, you will see. Here is a zoom on the open ends - about 0.016 mm apart…


I see! It appeared closed but was not. Thank you for this. Thank you so much. I see the value of using Analyze to root out the problem(s).