Move the seam in a closed curve without changing the curvature graph

Hello all!, I am very confused because in Rhino 7 I can move easily the origin of my closed curve using CrvSeam command by forzing in nodes = Yes (in Spanish ForzadoEnNodos=Sí).

This is a really cool option because the curvature graph is exactly the same that the input curve and this that I want to do in Grasshopper.

I have tried different Seam adjustments (also using Pufferfish) but it always adds a pair of extra points that makes me to rebuild the curve in order visualize the same control points appearance.

Is something that can be solve this in grashopper?

Hope your answers!

Best regards.

The option in the English version of CrvSeam is Knots=Yes (not Nodes=Yes).

I do not use Grasshopper so I cannot help with using Pufferfish.

Thank you David for your clarification. In fact, this can be also done by grasshopper seam component, but the result is the same.