Adjust seam issue

How come I can’t adjust the position of the seam?seam.3dm (122.2 KB)


Try this

The SrfSeam command changes the location on a closed surface where the start and end edges of the surface meet.


  1. Select a closed surface.

  2. The seam of the surface is indicated by a curve.

  3. Click to pick a new location for the seam point.

Command-line options

Note : Options are only available if the surface is closed in two directions (such as a torus).


Changes the seam in the u-direction.


Changes the seam in the v-direction.


Changes the seam in both u- and v-directions.

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I understand but it won’t change in this case. Just thought there might be a bug. booled three cylinders- merged co-planar surfaces- fillet blended side edges- deleted all but top surface- merged all edges- extruded straight.

Hi @Tone
You need to explode your polysurface to move the seam and then re-join the surfaces afterwards.
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The surface in question is a single surface. The 3dm file is attached to my original post: check it out.

You extruded a planar polycurve. The seam is where the polycurve begin/start is.

To set an arbitrary seam point:

  • _DupBorder
  • Hide all but bottom border
  • _Explode the curve
  • _Split, use Point, pick on whichever curve you want your seam in the final object
  • With nothing selected do _Join
  • Select curves in order from the split point around.

This ensures the closed curve seam is where you want it. Use _ShowEnds with only Closed curve seam checked to verify.

Now use _ExtrudeCrv with _Solid=_Yes and extrude to the height you want your object. The seam should now be on the location you want it.

Note that the split step is not necessary if the seam location is one of the curve ends you already have.

Had to wait for Rhino to compile, so made a quick video how I did it for this object:

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