Performance Issues

My apologies for bringing this up again. I know it has been discussed at length, BUT…

a model (Ref: b5960001-c143-4e96-95c7-934e46b37aae), that takes 3,7 seconds to compute on my local machine times out on shapediver, taking almost 11 seconds. Where does factor 3 come from?

Please don’t point me to the resources to optimize Grasshopper definitions. I dare say that I know my way around there. And even if there is potential for optimization, that’s not the issue here.

Is it so slow in comparison because the native multithreaded GH components are running on a single core in the cloud or is the processor power of the server simply that much worse than my 5 years old desktop pc?

My machine:

Hi @Simon_Vorhammer, many thanks for raising this topic, it’s important to us to learn how to improve an experience that agreeably is frustrating you and other users.

The following technical detail could be related to the problem you are facing: When opening a Grasshopper model and computing a solution for the first time, the scripts that might be contained in the model will get parsed and compiled by Grasshopper. The time required for this preparation will be part of the computation time. Hence it might be that model checking runs into a timeout, although the computation times experienced by you locally are much lower.

We have no way yet of measuring the computation time without the script compilation time. Could you locally compare the time used to open the model with the time for recomputing the whole model?